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The Kent County Daily Times
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The Kent County Daily Times has been an important source of news in Rhode Island for over 100 years. Since the first issue, published as The Pawtuxet Daily Times on July 20, 1892, to the present, it has covered the political, social and economic events that have shaped the lives of the people in Kent County.

        The West Warwick Public Library has the Times on microfilm from the first issue to the current. With the help of a grant from the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities, we have created a personal name Index so that you can more easily locate information about the people who lived and worked here in the past. We have also devised event codes so that you can more easily find birth, death and marriage information. The Index currently covers:
                  July 20, 1892 to Sept 9, 1895.
        The time span included in the Index will expand as our work continues.

The Times Index was made possible by a grant from
The Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities.

Many thanks to our volunteers whose hard work
has made the Index possible:

Evelyn Albrektson
Helen Andrade  
Mildred Carlson Paul Blanding
Kim Craig Joseph Cournoyer
Irene Demers Ferole Dewell
Caroline Helie Hildegard Perry
Sandra Wilson Normand Goulet
Diana Kercz Laura Moulton
Madeline Harrop
Ginger Mello

And to our Project Coordinator:
Caroline Helie


Because they cared for the future
Because they wondered at the past
They marked the path....

                                If you would like to be part of this wonderful adventure, inquire at the circulation desk at the West Warwick Public library today!

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