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Requesting Microfilm Prints

  • We cannot guarantee that there is important content connected with every citation. Aside from events codes for birth, death and marriage articles, there is no other indication about what each citation represents. In some case, where individuals performed in some official capacity, e.g. postmasters, newsboys, ticket agents, citations may appear daily. In those cases we suggest that you investigate the citation only if it appears more that once per issue, or more than once per page. Remember, our index only covers the years 1892 through 1894. We will be adding more years as our work is completed.
  • Because our reference staff cannot devote a substantial amount of their time to answering requests for articles from the Times, we are limiting each request to five citations per week.
  • There is a photocopying charge of 50 cents per article.
  • We will be able to honor your request if you send us the following:
    • a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
    • the photocopying fee
    • the following information, obtained from our index: First Name; Last Name; Middle Initial; Month; Day; Page Number; Event Code and whether or not there is a picture associated with the article
  • The library can only accept a check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank.
  • Send all requests to:
West Warwick Public Library
1043 Main Street
West Warwick, Rhode Island 02893

Thanks for your interest and good luck in your search!

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