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Automobile Facts - - This is a complete car sales site. Build your own car and get an online quote,look up trade-in and retail values, compare prices for new cars, get reviews and information on car insurance - these are just a few features.

Kelley Blue Book - -
Find the retail or trade-in value for your car or an auto you are thinking of buying. Motorcycles are listed as well. This is the online version of Kelley Blue Book.

Car and Driver - -
Published by the magazine Car and Driver, this site reviews autos, has a Buyers'Guide, provides the latest news on cars, offers free price quotes and a place to post your opinions.

Carfax - -
Find a car, a dealer, do a title check, check a VIN, get a history report and many other useful features are on Carfax. Some are free and others are available for a fee.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - -
Developed by car insurance agencies, this site allows consumers to "enter a manufacturer and model and search for safety issues."

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - -
Look not only for automobile safety issues here, but, also government regulation and standards, test results and the latest research and development in the field.

Car Design News - -
A site for international car designers and car enthusiasts. Find the latest news, events, reports, exhibits and lots of photographs.

Petersen Automotive Museum - -
An automotive museum in Los Angeles that explores the history of the automobile and "its effect on our lives and culture." Great photos.

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