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Suggestions for Grades 2-4


Children's Department


JPE:  Easy Readers (red tape), by author's last name

J: Juvenile Fiction section, author's last name

JPB: Juvenile Paperbacks, author's last name




Ada                 My name is Maria Isabel (j & jpb)


Adler               Cam Jansen (series) (j mys & jpb)


Armstrong      Foolish Gretel (j)


Armstrong      Patrick Doyle is full of blarney (j)


Brown             Arthur (Chapter Series) (j and jpb)


Bulla               White bird (j)


Bunting           Summer wheels (j)


Byars              Beans on the roof (j)


Byars              Seven treasure hunts (j)


Byars              Tornado (j)


Cameron         Julian, secret agent (j)


Chall               Mattie (j)


Christopher    All Star Fever (j)


Christopher    Dog that called the signals (j)


Cleary             Muggie Maggie (j and jpb)


Cole                The Gator Girls (j)


Cole                The story of Ruby Bridges (j)


Cosby              Little Bill (series)  (jpb)


Erickson         Hank the Cowdog (series) (jpb)


Etra                 Aliens for breakfast  (jpb and  j)


Dadey             Bailey School Kids (series)  (jpb)


Dalgliesh        Courage of Sarah Noble (j & jpb)


Danziger         Amber Brown is not a crayon (j and jpb)


Delton             Pee Wee Scouts (series) jpb


Duffey             Virtual Cody (j)


Giff                  Kids at Polk Street School (series) (jpb)


Giff                  Dance with Rosie (Ballet Slippers series) (j)


Greene            Owen Foote, Second Grade Strongman (j)


Gregory          Happy Burpday, Maggie McDougal (j)


Henry              Log cabin in the woods  (j)


Herold             Butterfly birthday (j)


Hest                Pajama party (j)


Hooks             Pioneer cat (jpb)


Howe               Pinky and Rex (series)  (j)


Hunter            Knight of the golden plain (j)


Hurwitz           Russell Sprouts (series)  (jpb)


Kaplan            Fifteenth Peanut Butter Sandwich (j)


Karr                Lighthouse Mermaid (j)


King-Smith     Jenius: the amazing guinea pig (j)


Kline               Horrible Harry (series)  (jpb and j)


Landon            Meg Mackintosh (detective series) (j mys)


Le Guin           Catwings (series)  (j & jpb)


Leverich         Brigid the bad  (series) (j and jpb)


Levy                Mammoth Mix Up (j mys)


Levy                Third grade Bullies (j)


Lobel               Frog and toad (first chapter series)  (jpe)


Luenn              Unicorn crossing  (j)


McKenzie       The King, the princess and the tinker (j & jpb)


Maclachlan     Seven kisses in a row (j)


Martin            Babysitter’s little sister (series) (jpb)


Moore             Koi’s python (jpb)


Moss               Amelia’s notebook (j)


Murphy           Mystery of the wrong dog (jpb)


Nixon              Lucy’s Wish (Orphan Train Children series) (j)


O’Connor        Ghost in tent 19 (j mys)


O’Connor        Slime time (j)


Osbourne        Magic tree house (series) (jpb)


Quigley           Johnny Germ Head (j)


Park                Junie B Jones (series)  (j)


Parish              Amelia Bedelia  (series) (jpe)


Paulsen           Culpepper Adventures (series) (jpb)


Pfeffer             Sara Kate , Superkid (j)


Pilkey              Adventures of Captain Underpants (series)  (j & jpb)


Pinkwater       Fat men from space (jpb)


Pfeffer             Twin surprises (j)


Regan             Class with the summer birthdays (j)


Regan             Curse of the trouble dolls (j)


Rogers            Raymond’s best summer (j)


Rylant             Henry and Mudge (series) (jpe)


Sachar             Marvin K. Redpost (series) (j & jpb)


Scieszka          Knights of the Kitchen table (j & jpb)


Sharmat          Nate the Great (Series) (jpe)


Smith               Adam Joshua (series) (j)


Spinelli            Blue ribbon blues (j & jpb)


Spinelli            Lizzie Logan (series) (j)


Sobol               Encyclopedia Brown (series) (jmys)


Wright             Ghost of Popcorn Hill (j mys)


Wright             Nothing but trouble (j mys)


Yolen               Commander Toad  (series) (jpb and jpe)


Created by Anne McLaughlin, Children’s Librarian

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